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Here There Be Mice...© would like to thank all those who have honored us with their awards for our website. Each one is important to us. Thank you!

All award badges are linked to the websites that gave out the awards. If you click on an award and it does not take you to the award site, the link has been purposely disabled. This is usually because the award site is no longer viable or has moved on.

Please keep in mind that Here There Be Mice...© is not responsible for the content of any of the links posted on this site. If you find a broken link, please take the time to contact Here There Be Mice...© and let us know by clicking here.

To Apply for one of the Here There Be Mice...© Awards please click here.

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Kevin's Award Of Excellence
"Very Good Site, keep up the Good Work !!"
Golden Windmill Award
Golden Windmill Award. No comment supplied.
Joschi Friendship Award
The Little Dog Joschi Friendship Award.
Missped's Platinum Award. No comment supplied.
Majon Award Blue
"...your web site is well worth visiting and is considered to be outstanding in its presentation."
Len Kinley Award Of Excellence
"Having visited your site, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it brought back many happy childhood memories and I am sure you bring the same great pleasure to lots of people. I have great pleasure in giving you both of my Awards as you thoroughly deserve them. Take Care"
Len Kinley Top Site Of The Year Award
See previous comment.
Butterfly Shop Award
"We have visited your website and really appreciate your helping make the Web a more interesting, useful and attractive place to visit. CONGRATULATIONS, we are pleased to give you the link to receive our award!"
Butterfly Gifts Award
"We liked your site enough to give you an award from our store as well."
Best Bunch Award
Susan's Best Of The Bunch Ward. No Comment Supplied.

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