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Here There Be Mice...© would like to thank all those who have honored us with their awards for our website. Each one is important to us. Thank you!

All award badges are linked to the websites that gave out the awards. If you click on an award and it does not take you to the award site, the link has been purposely disabled. This is usually because the award site is no longer viable or has moved on.

Please keep in mind that Here There Be Mice...© is not responsible for the content of any of the links posted on this site. If you find a broken link, please take the time to contact Here There Be Mice...© and let us know by clicking here.

To Apply for one of the Here There Be Mice...© Awards please click here.

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Gouri's Awesome Site Award
"Your site is so adorable and Maya the Mouse is very cute and creative. Great job!"
Pluto's Awesome Site Award
See Previous Comment.
Kids Online Award
"You won the Kids Online 101% Website Award! I visited your site and thought you did a superb job! Everything looked great!"
Alice Pandora's Gold Award
"Greetings from Brazil. Great site! Easy navigation, links on every page, alt correctly done, nice design and layout. Congratulations. You won my gold award."
Kit Award
"It is great pleasure to announce that your site "Here There Be Mice" has been successfully evaluated. I liked visiting "Here There Be Mice." Site design with nice, clean, and organized, with a very original content. The site shows the hard work of its webmaster. Congratulations!"
Online Pet Depot Website Award
"Great News! Your website Here There Be Mice...© has been recognized by and awarded the 'Cool Pet Site Award'."
Kevin 138 Best Of The Web Award
"I would like to say "Many congratulations" on your very fine site. I too, like many others, found it hard to leave such a beautiful place. You certainly have put lots of work into your site, and it shows very well. Your site is very easy to negotiate and everything is laid out to perfection. Best wishes to you and all your little friends."
Kevin 138 Gold Award
See Previous Comment.
Kevin 138 Outstanding Site Award
See Previous Comment.
Demeter's 5000 Award
"Congratulations. Best Wishes for the future."

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